The WaMu Story



Saga of $4B


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Prior to Seizure of Sept. 25, 2009

110 East 42nd Operating Company, Inc.
620-622 Pellhamdale Avenue Owners Corporation
Accord Realty Management Corporation
Ahmanson Developments, Inc.
Ahmanson GGC LLC
Ahmanson Insurance, Inc.
Ahmanson Land Company
Ahmanson Marketing, Inc.
Ahmanson Obligation Company
Ahmanson Residential 2
Ahmanson Residential Development
Bryant Financial Corporation
California Reconveyance Company
CCB Capital Trust IV
CCB Capital Trust IX
CCB Capital Trust V
CCB Capital Trust VI
CCB Capital Trust VII
CCB Capital Trust VIII
Clayton Blackbear, Inc.
Commercial Loan Partners L.P.
CRP Properties, Inc.
Dime Capital Partners, Inc.
Dime Commercial Corp.
Dime CRE, Inc.
Dime Mortgage of New Jersey, Inc.
ECP Properties, Inc.
The E-F Battery Accord Corporation
FA California Aircraft Holding Corporation
FA Out-of-State Holdings, Inc.
Flower Street Corporation
Great Western FS Corporation
Great Western Service Corporation Two
H.F. Ahmanson & Company
H.S. Loan Corporation
Harmony Agency, Inc.
HCP Properties Holdings, Inc.
HCP Properties, Inc.
HFC Capital Trust I
HHP Investment, LLC
HMP Properties, Inc.
Home Crest Insurance Services, Inc.
HS Loan Partners LLC
Irvine Corporate Center, Inc.
Ladue Service Corporation
Long Beach Securities Corp.
Marion Insurance Company, Inc.
Marion Street, Inc.
Mid Country Inc.
Murphy Favre Housing Managers, Inc.
Murphy Favre Properties, Inc.
NAMCO Securities Corp.
Nickel Purchasing Company, Inc.
Norstar Mortgage Corp.
North Properties, Inc.
Pacific Centre Associates LLC
Pacoima Investment Fund LLC
PCA Asset Holdings LLC
Pike Street Holdings, Inc.
Plainview Inn, Inc.
Providian Bancorp Services
Providian Leasing Corporation
Providian Mauritius Investments LTD
Providian Services Corporation
Providian Services LLC
Providian Technology Services Private Limited
Reverse Exchange Corporation
Rivergrade Investment Corp.
Riverpoint Associates
Robena Feedstock LLC
Robena LLC
Savings of America, Inc.
Seafair Securities Holdings Corp.
Second and Union LLC
Seneca Funding (UK) Limited
Seneca Funding LLC
Seneca Funding Management LLC
Seneca Funding Trust
Seneca Holdings, Inc.
Seneca Newco LLC
Seneca Street, Inc.
Sivage Financial Services LLC
Snohomish Asset Holdings LLC
SoundBay Leasing LLC
Stockton Plaza, Incorporated
Strand Capital LLC
Sutter Bay Associates LLC
Sutter Bay Corporation
Thackeray Funding Corp.
Thackeray Funding Partners
Thackeray Holdings Corp.
University Street, Inc.
WaMu 1031 Exchange
WaMu Asset Acceptance Corp.
WaMu Capital Corp.
WaMu Insurance Services, Inc.
WaMu Investments, Inc.
Washington Mutual Asset Securities Corp.
Washington Mutual Bank
Washington Mutual Bank fsb
Washington Mutual Brokerage Holdings, Inc.
Washington Mutual Capital Trust 2001
Washington Mutual Community Development, Inc.
Washington Mutual Finance Group LLC
Washington Mutual Life Insurance Company of California, a Stock
Washington Mutual Mortgage Securities Corp.
Washington Mutual Preferred Funding LLC
Washington Mutual Trade Service Limited
Washington Mutual-Seattle Art Museum Project Owners Association
Western Service Co.
WM Aircraft Holdings LLC
WM Asset Holdings Corp.
WM Citation Holdings, LLC
WM Enterprises & Holdings, Inc.
WM Funds Disbursements, Inc.
WM Marion Holdings LLC
WM Mortgage Reinsurance Company, Inc.
WM Specialty Mortgage LLC
WM Winslow Funding LLC
WMB St. Helens LLC
WMBFA Insurance Agency, Inc.
WMFS Insurance Services, Inc.
WMGW Delaware Holdings LLC
WMHFA Delaware Holdings LLC
WMI Investment Corp.
WMI Rainier LLC
WMICC Delaware Holdings LLC
WMRP Delaware Holdings LLC
Yellowstone Venture, Inc.